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Because we believe that each individual requires a personal understanding of their voice and that the relationship between student and instructor is the empathetic connection to successful vocal study, we offer a Free 1-hour Voice Evaluation with the first month's paid registration of private  lessons. 

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Recitals are offered through the year for all eligible students.  Participation is encouraged for confidence and vocal growth, but is not mandatory.  Other performance opportunities are occasionally offered and will be announced when available.

Anyone with musical, or theatrical and singing experience of one year or more is invited to register for coaching assistance.  The student's age is not as important as the level of experience to determine the benefits they will receive from coaching sessions.

All ages and experience levels are invited to participate in group lessons.  Each Class, Workshop and Seminar will announce the age, experience level and individual requirements desired from the instructor.

  All experience levels from beginners to advanced levels are welcome.  Lessons are for students 16yrs of age to Adults.  Parents of younger students with previous music or performing experience can call for further options.

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