TC Vocal Arts

  Diverse Training for Your Voice !

These are just a few samples of the many dozens of pictures from several years of

wonderful students, volunteers and supportive audiences!

Many students have gone on to be professional singers in musical theatre, 'pop,'  rock, country, classical and opera, write their own music, and/or play guitar or piano as well.  And others simply developed a greater satisfaction for self-expression, and community choirs and musical activities.

Congratulations to their persistent practice and enthusiasm for whatever their wishes were.  For an Instructor it is always  exciting  to see, and a privilege to be, a support to their learning process.

From early years to the present, and from the West Bank, Hennepin Center for the Arts, as well as misc venues.

As time goes on our Gallery will grow and change to be more clear and complete.

If anyone has a picture or two they would like to share from their experience with TCVA, we would love to receive it to include in our gallery.

'Holiday' Shows

TC Vocal Arts  and

Vocal Arts Players tours


 (Casual or Formal)


'Show ' Performances

and   Vocal Arts Players  tours

   Our gallery displays some fun pictures from past activities, recitals, 'Show' Performances and 'Vocal Arts Players' that were presented by students of TC Vocal Arts.   They are titled on the left side of the page and picture scrolls to the right apply to that title.


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